Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well the kids are with the grandparents until Joe comes home on R&R. It's nice to have a big break but I miss them all the same. The trip back home was great!! My mom and dad have a new house and it's really nice and I had a great time just hanging out with my mom. Joe's mom and dad came over to pick up the kids and they've been having a great time too. I spent some time with my BFF Beth and we went to the fair. That marks our 7th year as besties!! We became friends at the Fowlerville fair after about 3 years of hating eachother due to another person who kept us apart. Once we realized the only reason we didn't get along was because of her we both dropped her as a friend. I've picked up more hours at work so that I can save as much money as possible for R&R!! It's gonna be great!! I miss him so much. We have spent more then half of our married life apart and yet we are as strong as ever. I think that we stay so close because we don't take our love or anytime together for granted. We have a connection that has never been broken. 11 years together now and it seems like yesterday we shared our first kiss. I love him so much and I'm so very proud of him for all of the things he does. He is selfless in his service to his country and there are many that could never do the things he has done. He has missed his youngests growing up. He was there when she was born but he hasn't really gotten to be there for her. But through that they have an amazing bond. She knows who he is and tells his pictures everyday about how much she loves him. She thinks he's stuck in a sandbox in the park. It's funny. She wants to go to the park all the time since she thinks that's where she'll find him. I think it's because of all the sand in his pictures that she is for sure that he's stuck in a park. I know that when he gets home that she will not want him to take her to a park!! We are all getting excited for him to come home!!

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